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The Man Who Wears The Kilt

The man who wears the kilt

The Hon. Stuart Ruaidri Erskine wrote a delightful informative book in 1901 called The Kilt & How to Wear It.

It is interesting and refreshing to read his view on the type of man who wears the kilt and also how to wear it which is to relax, love it, respect it and enjoy it.

Erskine writes that “The man of parts and character always takes care to invest his personality with a certain amount of individuality. He has as nice and peculiar a taste in dress as he has in pictures, books, or in respect of any other of those numerous things which contribute to our diversion and refinement.”

“The man who wears the kilt… differentiates himself from the surrounding peoples. The ease, grace, and elegance of his costume pleases and charms all unprejudiced beholders, whilst the individuality of the man, revealed in the various adjustments of his raiment, and in the buoyant freedom of his carriage, proclaim the man of action, the freeman, and the thinker.”

“The Highland dress is essentially a ‘free’ dress – that is to say, a man’s taste and circumstances must alone be permitted to decide when and where and how he should wear it… I presume to dictate to no man what he shall eat or drink or wherewithal he shall be clothed.” So yes, wear the kilt casually – and often! – but when you do, wear it in good taste.

Commissioning your bespoke kilt is your opportunity for your kilt to be unique and to your preference. You can even design your own tartan!

The ubiquitous kilt worn formally and informally is constructed in a way to reduce harm to the cloth and preserve its good look whilst withstanding the rigour of the many types of activities it partakes with you.