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Askival Of Strathearn Bespoke The more handwork that goes into the kilt, the more character the finished garment has.
The more soul, beauty and life it exudes.
Askival Of Strathearn Restorations Kilt restoration – a new lease of life Restorations Askival Of Strathearn The Origin Kilt A proud celebration of two heritages. Learn More Askival Of Strathearn Kilt College We are a training centre and offer demonstrations for interested groups, workshops for the new kilt maker. Kilt College Askival Of Strathearn Hallival Shop The work of craftman, their materials & tools Shop Askival Of Strathearn Tying The Knot No heirloom of humankind captures the past as do art and language.
(By Theodore Bikel)
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Hello and Welcome to

Askival Of Strathearn

Askival of Strathearn is a kilt tailor based in Perthshire, dedicated to creating beautiful bespoke tailored kilts that are crafted to last a lifetime. As well as making high quality handcrafted kilts, we have expertise in kilt restoration, and offer accredited on line courses in kilt tailoring,  also residential courses at our beautiful workshop.

Bespoke kilts

The creation of an Askival of Strathearn bespoke kilt is the first of many milestones on its life journey. At this stage, there is attentiveness to craftsmanship and future proofing and then to be safely delivered to you as your doughty companion through life’s many memorable events.

Alterations & Restoration

Restorations, alterations, mending, and cleaning of the kilt.

My understanding of the kilt’s construction and my tailoring skills enable me to refit, restore or reconstruct your elderly or slightly damaged kilt to as near its former glory as is practicably possible, allowing you to enjoy the company of your beloved kilt for many years to come.

The College of Master Kilt Tailors

A training centre offering demonstrations for interested groups, workshops for the new kilt tailor, and learning sets for peer support and networking.

Here at the Askival of Strathearn studio, I run courses using the traditional tailoring processes and techniques as applied to kilt tailoring. You will learn tailoring fundamentals and understand the construction of the kilt which will enable you to develop your knowledge and skills in kilt making, restoration, and alteration.

For Enquiries Call

07855 757 790

If you are interested in finding out more about commissioning a bespoke kilt for the young child to the adult, that is tailor-made to your precise requirements, or have a kilt that you would like restored, just contact me on [email protected] to arrange an initial conversation. Also handcrafted Pipers’ plaids, fly plaids and ladies’ sashes and shawls.

Design, history and craft of the kilt


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