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Creating the Bespoke Tailored Kilt on-line course

Askival of Strathearn

Creating the Bespoke Tailored Kilt on-line course

The “Creating the Bespoke Tailored Kilt on-line course”

The bespoke tailored kilt on-line course is an alternative to attending Askival of Strathearn to create your kilt but also a valued prior or follow up course to the attending of Askival.

It is a combination of viewing, reading, and personal coaching.

The course material is also a significant record of the craft and its nuances.

The comprehensive documentation and instructional videos will allow you to create a kilt in your own time without having to come to the Askival of Strathearn studio in Perth, Scotland. Included in the price of this course is group and one-to-one Zoom coaching and at the end of the course you will keep access to the documents and the videos to help you with your ongoing creations.

This on-line course may also suit someone who has been to the Askival of Strathearn studio who would like to make another kilt but is unable to return to the studio for further tuition.

When attending Askival of Strathearn is not possible for on-going learning, I believe access to the combination of remote viewing, reading, and personal coaching is the answer. That is, the written word, the instructional videos, communication within the programme, and the live contact with a tutor and peers.

Once you have made one kilt whether having attended Askival of Strathearn or not, the videos and the written word have become invaluable as you work on further kilts.

In this course, you have all three.

  • “Creating the Bespoke Tailored Kilt on-line course” £1950

Plus, the cost of cloth, other materials, and equipment you require

see The Kilt College

You can also purchase kilt making equipment from me, sharing the benefit of my suppliers’ terms.

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