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The Memory Cushion

A Memory Cushion is perfect for preserving the special memories and commemorate special times.

Askival of Strathearn uses the beautiful tartan cloth to create special cushions and also uses  treasured kilts that can no longer be worn

Cushion covers made out of Great grandfather’s WW1 kilt which was worn at the 4th Battle of Ypres whilst fighting for the Royal Scots Fusiliers. Cleaned, mended and using all parts including buckles and straps (on the backs) created these cushion covers. Even made a number coasters to share with other family members.
Have you a treasured family kilt stored away that may never be worn again? Would you like it to be brought back out and transformed into something to be enjoyed and a reminder of its story, your family, and heritage?

Bespoke cushions for any occasion or memory with any applique shape and embroidery

Cushions illustrated were created to commemorate the birth of a little brother. The brothers’ names were subtly embroidered on each cushion

£70 each