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The Origin Kilt Range

The Origin Kilt

The Origin Kilt range is exclusive to Askival of Strathearn and celebrates the connection that Scotland has with many parts of the world – A recognition of kin ship, of shared people through migration, of a connection over the many miles; a recognition of origin.

Askival of Strathearn designs unique tartan weaves incorporating the emblems of other nations representing the joint heritage of the individual. These weaves are crafted into bespoke kilts to provide a unique 8-yard kilt, not just for formal engagements but designed for life, to last a lifetime, and beyond as a cherished heirloom.

As with any traditional craft in the 21st century, tailoring and the intricate and highly specialised process of making a kilt is often diluted for the sake of manufacture and profit. Only the dedicated artisan, working out of passion and with respect for the traditional tailoring techniques of kilt making, will still honour the craft and build the quality kilts which last a lifetime at least; generations even.

To consider everyone’s choice and budget, there are three constructions each hand made by Askival of Strathearn and the craftsman – The Eternal Kilt, Enduring Kilt and the Heritage Kilt.

The quality of tailoring in your Eternal and Enduring Origin Kilt complies with the Askival of Strathearn Quality Standards. The Heritage Kilt complies with the Kilt Maker’s Association of Scotland (KMAS) Standards plus some of the Askival of Strathearn Quality Standards.

  • The Eternal Kilt is the ultimate quality, think Saville Row. Hand tailored and future proofed with personalised embroidery inside. About 25 to 30 hrs construction time.
  • The Enduring Kilt is an excellent creation, still tailored to your exact measurements and maintains the high quality of construction and tailoring. About 20 hours construction time
  • The Heritage Kilt is a similar construction to most High Street kilts. About 10 to 12 hours construction time. Made to measure, hand stitched pleats with machine work in other parts of the process.
The Silver Fern. (Scottish Register of Tartans Ref. 11980)

The First Origin Kilt

The Silver Fern is for New Zealanders who celebrate dual nationality and for use by all New Zealanders proud of their Scottish heritage or New Zealanders who would simply just enjoy wearing the kilt.

A proud celebration of two heritages. The bonding of two ubiquitous symbols of nationality; the Scottish kilt and the New Zealand silver fern which is woven into a black on black tartan and incorporated in the pleated area of the traditional kilt.