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Kirkton of Mailer, Craigend,PERTH, PH2 0ST

Commissioning your bespoke kilt

Please e-mail or telephone Marion for an initial conversation to answer any questions you may have, discuss your preferences and special requirements, choosing the tartan and accessories and suggest options to consider.

It is important to ensure that the measurements for the bespoke kilt are accurate and that the kilt is shaped to your physique. If you are unable to visit the studio for measurement and fitting and also to view the tartan and pleating options, we will organise a video communication e.g. Skype, so Marion can discuss the tartan, and instruct and observe the measurement process. She will also request photographs to be taken at the time to be available to her during the construction of the kilt.


If you are interested in finding out more about commissioning a bespoke kilt or a restoration that is tailor-made to your precise requirements, just contact Marion for an informal discussion:

+44 (0)7855 757 790
[email protected]

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