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The Aurora Kilt

The Aurora kilt ~ an Askival of Strathearn creation.

The kilt can be worn by everyone who loves wearing the tartan and the kilt.  Women do not need to be limited to a token tartan sash or a tartan skirt when it comes to representing one’s heritage.

Applying the same knowledge and skills of kilt tailoring, the Aurora is created using: 7 to 8m of double width 100% wool 2×2 twill weave tartan from Scottish and Yorkshire Mills; high quality natural linen canvasses and cotton or silk lining from Europe;  local handcrafted top grade leather straps; and foundry cast buckles.

The technical understanding of creating the kilt to any shape and size, using the methods and processes to support and secure the 7 to 8 meters of double width cloth  enables the Aurora to be a life long garment as is the bespoke tailored kilt. The Aurora  is created to accommodate the changing figure, letting in/out or up/down as required.

The Aurora has versatility and can be worn with the detached plaid to drape down the back (from the waist) and over the shoulder, then fixed with a beautiful statement brooch. Another variation, the fringe edge can be brought up the front and over the shoulder, fixed with a brooch and leaving the imagery of the front apron emulating the whorls of an ammonite shell.

Using less tartan and crafting does not produce the beautiful Aurora.

The rolled pleats of the Aurora kilt reminded me of the beautiful effect of the movement and colours of the Aurora Borealis and has a look of the traditional “Earasaid” – close to the hearts of those who love the Scottish Heritage and “Outlander”.

The unpressed pleats are typical of the first kilts where the tartan (plad) was gathered and held in place with a belt and the first stitched kilts where the folds were stitched in place to the “seat” and left to fall.

So versatile, comfortable, and emotive. The movement and detail of the pleats turn heads and the fall of the apron is complementary to all shapes.


Bespoke commissions                                      Price £1600

Please contact to discuss commission


The Aurora kilt, and the Guernsey jumper