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The Bespoke Tartan Tie

The bespoke tartan tie, handcrafted by Askival of Strathearn 

Characteristics of the Bespoke Haute Couture Tartan Tie

 Not just a tie but a look that pleases the eye

The bespoke hand crafted tartan tie is a work of art.

Made from the 100% wool twill weave tartan and silk lining.

Care is taken to ensure the tartan tie is created and displayed to present the characteristics of the tartan, honouring the consideration given to the design, planning of the tartan pattern, and the belongingness it represents.

The tie is constructed using the techniques of the Italian haute couture culture, which considers all aspects of the final look and its wearability.

 Price £79 + £10 for any monogram or other embroidery design


The man who wears his tartan … “differentiates himself from the surrounding peoples.  The ease, grace, and elegance of his costume pleases and charms all unprejudiced beholders, whilst the individuality of the man, revealed in the various adjustments of his raiment, and in the buoyant freedom of his carriage, proclaim the man of action, the freeman, and the thinker.”

(The Hon. Stuart Ruaidri Erskine 1901)