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The Guernsey Jumper

The Guernsey jumper was created in the 19th century as a hardwearing garment for hardworking fishermen.

A jumper that you will be proud to wear and marries beautifully with the Askival of Strathearn bespoke kilt

The Askival of Strathearn Guernsey is handloomed at Askival in the traditional pattern, using the Frangipani 5 ply Guernsey wool. The  intricate, detailed jumper   requires many hours of concentration and handcrafting.

It is knitted with a tight tension, using complex patterns created by the knit/purl stitches. Has the dropped shoulders; shoulder straps; and underarm gussets to allow freedom of movement.

The specific Guernsey wool is not common and is manufactured in a specific way to create a very strong, dense worsted-spun yarn.
Each individual yarn is highly twisted, then five yarns in a high twist are plied together in the opposite direction. The final twist and the number of plies contribute to the wool’s resilience and to showing up the pattern detail.


Please enquire for more information, measurements, and colours

Price £390

Handlooming the Guernsey jumper

I have always wanted to knit an authentic Guernsey jumper, as I had always wanted to make a traditional kilt. Now I do!

The kilt can take me a week to construct and to knit the Guernsey jumper on a circular or two needles would take longer and a commission would be very expensive.

The term “hand loomed”, means that I am still handworking the jumper but using the machine needles, similar to the weaver using the weaving loom to assist weaving a cloth.

Using the knitting machine and handtooling, I have managed to create the traditional Guernsey, using the same detail requirements and construction. The jumper now takes me four days. This enables me to offer commissions to create your authentic Guernsey jumper for you.

This has been quite an intellectual and technical challenge and I believe I have cracked it.

I have the wool, the tension, the patterning, the proportions, the joining, the finishing and also learning so much about the machine’s behaviour and trouble shooting.

Patient is a necessary attribute.