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Who will Coach you

Passing down traditional bespoke tailoring knowledge and skills

The Traditional Tailored Kilt


Who will coach you?

My learning is based on the intricate and highly skilled craft of the Highland Regiment Master Tailors  and am committed to the lifelong learning of bespoke tailoring.

I aim to make the learning to be more accessible and also to enrich the experience of kilt making by this special location, companionship, ambience, and ongoing support for the local to the international student.

Learning to make the kilt could be a career choice or simply, a creative ambition.

What greater satisfaction could you have than watching a friend or family member looking resplendent in a kilt that you have handmade for them? How inspiring would it be to handcraft your own kilt to wear yourself?

Here at the Askival of Strathearn Studio, I run courses using the traditional tailoring processes and techniques as applied to kilt making. You will learn tailoring fundamentals and understand the construction of the kilt which will enable you to develop your knowledge and skills in kilt making, restoration, and alteration.

The enthusiasm and excitement for every stage of the kilt creation process are highly infectious and makes each workshop memorable and a pleasure for everyone.

The studio is fully equipped with all equipment and materials required for the craft of the tailored kilt and the training of the craft.