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100% wool sashes, scarves & stoles

The Askival of Strathearn sashes, scarves, shawls, and stoles are made from light weight 100% wool, woven in Scotland and handcrafted in the Askival of Strathearn studio.

The fringes are hand frayed, taking care not to catch the warp threads and then are traditionally knotted with patience and diligence, paying attention to the pattern, tension, and uniformity of the knotting. Because the technique requires skill and is labour intensive, this traditional fringing is becoming less available. The time to fray, knot and finish ranges from 8 to 12 hours depending on size of cloth.


The twill weave

The characteristics of twill weave cloth are that it drapes beautifully, is strong, does not wrinkle very easily, and recovers quite well. It is light and comfortable, warm in winter and cool in the summer.

You can have a bespoke scarf, shawl or stole and choose the tartan, size and the style of fringing.

100% wool

The light weight cloth is woven in Scotland

5 hand knotted tasseled fringe (or 1 row of knotting)

Item Size 100% silk 100% light weight wool
Sash 30cm x 274cm Please enquire £199 (£90)
Scarf 35cm x 180cm Please enquire £120 (£60)
Shawl 70cm x 200cm Please enquire £250 (£130)

100% silk stole in the Black Watch Tartan with the 5 knotted fringe

100% twill weave Lightweight wool stole complementing the groom’s tartan

100% twill weave Lightweight wool stoles for the bridesmaids as well. Keeping them cosy