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Katja Möhrle, Costume and Fashion Designer, Germany

I have loved Scotland and the Scottish culture for a long time and to learn making kilts was a dream I have had for a long time

Askival of Strathearn Kilt College was suggested by a kilt maker in Glasgow. They had a very high opinion of the quality and way of teaching.

I never had a better teacher, with more know-how and expertise in her field, with incredibly large patience and humour, teaching her deep knowledge to everybody who is interested.

The result is more than I can describe with words and I made  a wonderful black kilt which I love to wear.

I learned a lot about the kilt making, the Scottish culture and other Scottish handcrafts, which is really special for me, and it opened my “head” again for new skills and the love to handmade unique pieces, which are all special in their own way.

Askival is a place to love. The atmosphere is totally peaceful, with a very high energy and creative flow on the same time. A perfect place and environment to learn a challenging process like kilt making. I found wonderful people who became more than friends.

It is a perfect mix between traditional work and a place where new and crazy ideas will always be heard.

I suggest this course to everyone who is interested in learning kilt making, who is interested in Scottish culture and handcrafts or just a fan of sewing and handmade things or someone who is looking for a new great challenge for life with a lot of fun!

Katja Möhrle