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Liisa Mäenpää Tailor at the Finnish National Opera and Ballet

On my summer trip to Scotland I became very interested in the kilt as a garment and especially intrigued as a tailor how to make and achieve that well-fitting pleating at the back of the kilt.
As I am always looking for opportunities to learn new tailoring skills and methods, I was very glad that I found a course that could deliver to a high professional standard.

For me it was important to learn the traditional way of the kilt making and the theory behind the methods used and in the end to have a well-tailored bespoke kilt as a result.

I value greatly to be taught well and from the start it was clear I was in safe hands.
Teaching was consistent, clear and patient all way through the course and the whole atmosphere was very professional and enthusiastic and same time peaceful. Respect for the art of kilt making was ever present.

Whenever I had or took some free time from sewing, I went through books in a little library there and found great books on history of kilts and tartans and source books for methods on sewing, knitting, pattern cutting and sticking.

I highly appreciated the visit we made to the local weaver and it was I opening to see few customer fittings and pickups during my time there.

I only wish I would have had more time to converse on tailoring with  the local master tailor visiting Askival.

All in all I got more than I came for.

If only I lived in Scotland and had a more of change to continue working on kilt making

Liisa Mäenpää
Tailor at the Finnish National Opera and Ballet (2018)