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The Scholar Enduring Full-length Kilt

The 6 metre Scholar Enduring Full-length Kilt is exclusive to bespoke kilt tailors Askival of Strathearn , and celebrates the kilt’s traditional resilience by allowing it to be adjusted to fit perfectly throughout the teenage school years and passed on.

We are artisans using traditional military tailors’ kilt-making techniques and only the highest quality cloth, design and construction.

The endurance of the construction matches the cloth

  • Tailor-made, future proofed, and completely hand-crafted using 6m of 100% wool worsted woven tartan.
  • Have pleats at least 7cm depth ensuring a lasting, handsome crease.
  • Designed to accommodate letting in/out or up/down as required, by up to 6”.
  • The kilt apron can be altered to accommodate the changing figure.

Special weave non-stock or new design Tartan

If you wish to design your own tartan, or your chosen tartan is not available, we can have it specially woven for you.

Please ask for quotation.


The Scholar Enduring Full-length Kilt

Readily available stock Tartan


Special weave non-stock or new design Tartan

1 kilt + remainder cloth for 2nd kilt – £1100

2 kilts – £750 each


Alteration and mending service available

Cleaning service (this is not a chemical dry clean), pleats realigned and full steam press