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Kilt Alteration

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Kilt Alterations

If your kilt is needing:

Adjusted by up to 4cm, my first consideration would be to move the chapes and their buckles evenly on both sides so not to disturb the balance of the kilt and the apron and back centres. The under-apron strap will be moved too.

The back lining will need to be released and resewn to ensure the chapes are stitched through the support or canvasses available and ensure the stitches are unseen through the lining.

  • Cost £70

Steaming out, realigning and securing the pleats, then pressing the whole kilt

  • Cost £80

Alteration of 4cm plus will require the aprons to be dismantled, resized and possibly repositioned. Sometimes the number of pleats may need to be increased or decreased.

Often there is not enough canvas and lining incorporated to accommodate the increase and therefore the kilt will need new canvasses and lining.

The amount of future proofing in the kilt’s present construction will also determine the amount of work involved in the refit.

  • Cost £180 to £350

It is possible send pictures or preferably have a Skype/Facetime conversation and assessment if you are too far to visit Askival.