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Online Courses


Since 2015, “Askival of Strathearn” has coached creating a bespoke tailored kilt and other topics to many local and international people who have attended the Oakroom studio at Askival near Perth.

They come from different backgrounds and professions, each with a different reason and ability to stitch and create. 

Attending the courses can be challenging due to your available time, budget, and locality which can impact on additional cost for travel and accommodation.

Providing online courses helps us achieve various elements of our vision:

    1. Creating a permanent comprehensive record of the craft of the kiltmaking: to capture and protect the techniques used by the military master tailors who were fundamental in developing the stitched kilt. They carried out their craft to create kilts for ceremonial and active service ensuring a good fit, robustness, and longevity. Repair and alteration consideration built into the process. They were driven by their craft and the kilts purpose, not for profit.  The detail and nuances of the tailoring techniques must continue to be understood, and not diminished and forgotten. 
    2. Raising the public awareness of the tailored kilt: Online courses can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. This will help us deliver the information and guidance to those in remote rural areas of Scotland AND those on the other side of the world.
    3. Maintaining high standards for the kilt of excellence: Our online courses will be presented in a clear and easy to understand way that demonstrates the craftsmanship and careful consideration that should go into making each kilt. We explain why each step is important in accordance to the traditional methods, without taking any shortcuts for expedience.
    4. Making coaching and ongoing learning of the craft more accessible and understood: Many kiltmakers (including myself when I started out) find that guidance on the craft is in short supply. Even those who have attended training at Askival would need to return for additional guidance – you would need to make 15 – 20 kilts to be 100% confident of doing it yourself. That’s where Online Courses come handy: You can access them whenever you need to at your own pace and in your own home.
    5. The right media for learning: The written word and pictures are not enough. We provide the written word, the video, and ongoing personal support and a community. This will also ensure lifelong learning and enriching the craft.
    6. Empowering both commercial kiltmakers AND those making kilts for a special person: If you are inspired to be a kiltmaker as a career, then our online courses are the perfect way to get high quality training in an economical and convenient way. For those who only want to make a kilt for family and friends, we make it easy for you to take the learning at your own pace.

In addition to the Online Courses that provide clear instructions on making kilts and related products, Askival of Strathearn also offers support through online communities available to kiltmakers around the world.

This helps us fulfil our desire to provide invaluable continuous learning support, where kilt makers meet together, network, share best practice and their current projects all while inspiring each other in the craft.

    1. Kiltmakers’ Support Group: This private Facebook group is open to all kiltmakers and aspirants where we can all support and encourage each other.
    2. Askival Students’ Group: This private Facebook group is only for students taking one of our courses so that they can get help as they progress with their courses and receive continous educational feedback on their work.

Our Online Courses

Our flagship online course shows you how to make a bespoke, tailored kilt from start to finish. We also offer online courses on various other related items as seen below.

Learn how to make these tartan items quickly and easily with our online courses on each item:

    • Fly & Pipers Plaid
    • 5 Knotted Lattice Fringe for the Sashes, Scarves and stoles
    • The Kilt Cushion
    • Kilt Sock Flashes
    • Handfasting ribbons

The tartan offers a great opportunity to make a beautiful tie with the correct pattern matching and understanding the behaviour of the tartan cloth.

This course is available for enrol now.

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Mini Online Courses

We are always working on new online courses that will be of benefit to students around the world and based on requests received.

Here are some of the online courses that are in the works:

    • The Great Kilt Online Course
    • Kilt Alterations and Restorations Online Course

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Upcoming Online Courses

The tartan offers a great opportunity to make a beautiful tie with the correct pattern matching.

This course is available for enrolment.

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The Bespoke, Haute Couture Tartan Tie Online Course

A step-by-step guide showing how to create a kilt, from start to finish.

The course will be live soon.

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The Bespoke, Tailored Kilt Online Course