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The Traditional Fringing for the Tartan Plaid, Stole, and Sash

The traditional fringing is a beautiful finish to the tartan garment and is becoming less common as the number of skilled people is diminishing and suppliers are more frequently offering a plain frayed finish. Would you like to learn how to create the fringing and keep the craft alive?

Go to “Other Askival Heirlooms” to see more details what you can make.
The workshops consists of learning two types of traditional fringing – the five knotted fringe and the purled fringe and the pipers plaid will include pleating. The number of days depend on the size of the project and your pace.
You can make a fly plaid, shawl or sash out of 100% wool tartan, 5 oz 100% tartan silk or other cloth you would prefer. You could even make a start on making the larger Plaid or Pipers Plaid.