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Kilt maker supplies

Kilt maker supplies

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  • Terko Satin Thread



    Terko Satin Thread     800m Colours: Green, Navy, Black, Red.

    Will not deteriorate and support the kilt all its life.


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  • Highland Stag Antler Buttons


    Packets of 5

    These antler buttons are handcrafted in Scotland using red deer antler from the Highlands that have been annually naturally shed.

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  • Tailor’s Chalk


    Packs of 5 pieces

    Tailor’s chalk – in white and blue – either square or triangle

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  • Heavy Primary Canvas



    Quality canvasses and lining sourced from Europe.

    The primary canvas is used to support and shape the back pleated area also provide support to the front and under apron.

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  • Light Secondary Canvas



    Quality linen canvasses and cotton lining sourced from Europe. The secondary canvas is lighter and covers the pleated and cut area

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  • Tailor’s Marking Wax



    Tailor’s Marking Wax

    Packs of 5 pieces

    Suitable for use on wool or worsted materials and will disappear when the pleats are pressed.

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  • Tape measure

    I have only been able to source these tape measures from a German company. They have a hook at one end and there are holes to secure the tape around the area you have measured. This is helpful to guide you when you measure…

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  • Seam Cutter/Ripper

    A seam ripper is a small tool used for cutting stitches. They often lose their sharp cutting blade and need replaced often. The Nifty Notions brass seam ripper seems to be the gold star of seam rippers and one to last a lifetime. I understand it…

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