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The Origin Range

The Origin Range

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  • The Origin Kilt

    “A people without the knowledge of their past, origin & culture is like a tree with no roots”        

    (Irish quote)


    Exclusive to Askival of Strathearn and celebrates the connection that Scotland has with many parts of the world – A recognition of kin ship, of shared people through migration, of a connection over the many miles; a recognition of origin.

    There are two constructions each made by the craftsman and made to measure to accommodate the different budgets – The Eternal Kilt, and the Enduring Kilt.

    The Eternal Kiltthe ultimate quality, think Saville Row. Hand tailored as crafted by the Highland regiment master tailors of the past – totally hand stitched, tailored, future proofed, and with bespoke detail.                                                                    £950

    The Enduring Kilt –we have skilfully modified the construction passed down by the Highland regiment master tailors to craft the Enduring Kilt, which is made to measure, hand stitched with some machine stitching, future proofed, and a robust kilt.                                                                    £600

    Please note that we will need some specific measurements and information about your shape, and will contact you to discuss details of this order. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

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