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Handcrafted Holidays, Washington USA  July 2015

What a great morning we had with Marion. Her presentation left all of us with so much greater appreciation and understanding of kilts and those gorgeous tartans. Our visit was a very rich experience for all of us.
Marion was able to teach us about not only the construction of the kilts but the emotional connection they have to Scots was really eye-opening. I personally was very moved by the accounts you related to us about the effect of troops wearing their kilts and having a piper accompanying them into
battle. It conjured up such a powerful image for me, I can see why their enemy would have been very frightened by such a mighty and unified front coming at them! It was a high point for me and for all of my tour members. And we all loved her lovely tartan scrap bundles! Kathy Brassil


Marion 3 Web

Demonstrating the construction of the kilt – the “father and son” kilt

Marion1 Web

Demonstrating the Plaid and the traditional purled fringe

Marion2 Web

Having conversations about the tartans and sampling the Blue Ramsay

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