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The Kilt Cushion

The Kilt Cushion ® No 4043591

I designed the kilt cushion for the two day introductory course.

The course introduces: the appreciation of the magic of tartan; the planning; the effect of choosing a feature for the pleating; some of the kilts main obvious features –

  • The Tartan Sett
  • The Pleats
  • The Fringe
  • Chapes, Buckles & Straps

I  wanted the students to produce something during the two days that they would take away and find useful, attractive and a talking point. I didn’t want them to produce something that would end up in a cupboard and the learning fade away.

Many people have marveled at the cushion and have commissioned cushions for themselves or for presents.

This has turned out to be a wonderful design that serves  many functions and I have registered the design so your cushion will be only produced at Askival.

Your Kilt Cushion will be of your preference. It can be made out of any tartan or textile that you would have your kilt made with.


40cm x40cm with Pad  £50


       The Strathearn District Muted tartan cushion using the same tartan as the Prince George Kilt


Back view:: Inlays, envelope closure with kilt chapes, buckles and straps.


Front view: The pleating choice and effect, the fringe, and the sett

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