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  • “I’ve seen many kilts for sale in Scotland and none of them look anything close to mine. It is the sharpest kilt I’ve ever seen, by far. You created a work of art that I am proud to wear.” Doug Nairne, Hong Kong


  • “Marion made the most beautiful kilt for our son’s 30th birthday which he subsequently wore two months later for his wedding. After detailed discussion as to the tartan and design, the bespoke garment was underway. The result was perfection. Marion is passionate about retaining the ancient art of hand made traditional kilt making which is extremely rare today. I would strongly urge anyone who is considering purchasing a kilt to call her as her work is truly second to none. My son’s kilt will last for decades and become a family heirloom. Thank you Marion.” B Lyburn Scotland


  • Just received my Askival of Strathearn kilt, in Ancient MacKenzie tartan, and I am delighted with it. This is a hand crafted kilt of a quality you will find nowhere else. Not only does it fit like a glove but the quality of fabric and workmanship right down to the perfect hand stitching and highest quality leather straps and sterling silver buckles is something very rarely found in this day and age. This the equivalent of Saville Row suiting at its finest. No matter where you are located in the world, if you are looking for an heirloom quality kilt, hand made to your exact specification at a very reasonable price, look no further. I can heartily recommend contacting Askival of Strathearn. B Foster Los Angeles


  • Words cannot describe how thrilled I am with the beautiful stole.  The silk feels so luxurious and the Black Watch sett is quite muted in colour – which is exactly what I’d hoped for.
    Your beautiful knotting is a work of art!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I know I’ll look terrific at my son’s wedding,  all thanks to you. Irene Brackenbridge Texas


  • When I looked at the knotting on the shawl, after opening the package, I said “She does beautiful work.”  I am so glad we contacted you to get the shawl with the fringe knotting, not knowing that fewer and fewer people are doing the knotting.  It is nice that you are keeping the traditional fringing available. Dorothy,Hannawa Falls, NY





  • “I am writing to thank you for what you did to my Father’s kilt. You did such a fantastic job and it looked great on me. It is perfect. I was very honoured to wear it at my cousin’s wedding. We had a fantastic time at the wedding and the kilt made it even better. I honestly can’t thank you enough for what you have done.” Angus, Scotland


 The Kilt College 


  • “Working under Marion’s tutelage was a hugely rewarding and enriching experience.

She is a patient and insightful teacher, generous in sharing her knowledge and skills in the art of kilt making. Marion’s love of the craft infuses her work, and I found her to be an inspiring and entertaining teacher and work companion.

I came away from Marion’s masterclass with a much deeper understanding of our craft, in both technique and history, confident that I’d been taught by a master.” Lesley Thornton (Crimson Kilts)

  • “Thank you very much for the wonderful course at your Kilt College. It has been a real delight. Your tuition has been EXCELLENT – so detailed and thorough. Every part of the kilt making process explained so well – what to do, how to do it, and why it has to be done. At the end, I have a beautiful hand stitched kilt – my first but not my last – which I am very proud of.

The atmosphere at Askival is very comfortable and friendly, cosy and relaxed, inspiring and rewarding and your support throughout has given me the confidence to carry on the art of kilt making into the future. Thank you again so very much.” May

  • “I spent a wonderful two weeks this October making a kilt at Askival for my sons 21st. Marion is welcoming and keen to share her expert knowledge of kilt making and make it accessible to novices like me. A beautiful location and work space – so peaceful and calm. Better for the soul than going on a retreat – and you get a beautiful kilt at the end!” Janet Dutch
  • Having just completed my first kilt at Askival Kilt College last week, I cannot recommend this course highly enough. The tuition was first class, the atmosphere was so friendly and the results very rewarding. My son is so proud of his heirloom kilt. And, yes, I have started another one. I will obviously still need support from Marion but time spent at this wonderful college is time well spent and very enjoyable.” May Wilkie
  • “It was a magic two weeks with you and I will be back before too long“. John


Handcrafted Holidays, Washington USA  July 2015

  • What a great morning we had with Marion. Her presentation left all of us with so much greater appreciation and understanding of kilts and those gorgeous tartans. Our visit was a very rich experience for all of us.
    Marion was able to teach us about not only the construction of the kilts but the emotional connection they have to Scots was really eye-opening. I personally was very moved by the accounts you related to us about the effect of troops wearing their kilts and having a piper accompanying them into
    battle. It conjured up such a powerful image for me, I can see why their enemy would have been very frightened by such a mighty and unified front coming at them! It was a high point for me and for all of my tour members. And we all loved her lovely tartan scrap bundles! Kathy Brassil


Celtic Journeys, Minnesota  2015 & 16

  • Amy said her day with you was just perfect.The group LOVED your visit and cannot wait to see you again. Everybody enjoyed the day. Thanks so much.  Booked again for June  2016 and 2017 Jean Wynne
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