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Kilt Restoration


Before: Often the cloth is still looking good but the original construction has not endured the wear and tear. Here the belt loop and the vent are limp and worn as they have no support from canvassing


Kilt restoration – a new lease of life

Have you a precious kilt that has been with you for a large part of your life and doesn’t fit any more or looks the worst for wear. Has the kilt belonged to someone dear to you and needs reconditioned and refitting?

My understanding of the kilt’s construction and tailoring skills enables me to refit or restore your elderly or slightly damaged kilt to as near its former glory as is practicably possible, allowing you to enjoy the company of your beloved kilt for many years to come. It should (without wishing to be morbid!) “see you out”.

Restoration may range from unpicking completely and carrying out total reconstruction with new canvasses and linings to re-stitching and reinforcing worn pleats, repairing minor tears or moth holes, or replacing straps and buckles that have seen better days. Even discretely inserting a new piece of tartan if the tartan can be matched.


After: The belt loop, buckle chape have been remade with new fabric and along with the strap vent, all reinforced with canvassing. New button hole stitching to reinforce the vent.

Visit the Gallery  to see other restoration projects.

It is a privilege to have the opportunity to  restore a treasured kilt and enable it to be worn again with pride.


Cost ranges from £50 to £350

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