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Handfasting Ribbons

  The Celtic HandFasting Marriage Ceremony 

Handfasting Ribbons: Tartan from each family, detail embroidered on each ribbon and with a ring and locket from the absent grandparents embroidered on with silk twist.

Handfasting web picture 2“Tying the knot”

 Handfast: To make a contract of marriage between (parties) by joining of hands; to betroth (two persons, or one person to another)Oxford English Dictionary.

Heirloom Bespoke Handfasting Ribbons

Tartan from each family, detail embroidered on each ribbon and with a ring and locket from the absent grandparents embroidered on with silk twist.


Handfasting is the symbolic act of a couple’s hands being tied together using cord or other strips of meaningful cloth or ribbon.

The primary idea is a symbolic binding of the hands during the wedding ceremony, often before the bride and groom make their vows to one another; sometimes as a ‘stand alone’ ritual leading up to the pronouncement of marriage.  This is an adaptation of a ritual which has been known the world over through many different periods in history and by different faiths and cultures.

Your Heirloom Handfasting ribbons could be made from the same tartan used to make the Groom’s kilt; you may have some family tartan from a kilt which belonged to a loved one; you may have an attachment to a tartan and combine it with other meaningful cloth e.g. your mother’s wedding dress?

We can be creative and make something very special and relevant to you both.



Prince William and Catherine tying the knot


Handfasting Ribbons: Harris Tweed with message, names and date embroidered on the back



Bespoke Handfasting Ribbons – 5cm x 150cm Length includes 5 knot traditional fringing and tassles.

 Embroidered meaningful prose and memory items embroidered on with silk twist.  £50 each



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