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The bespoke hand tailored, traditional kilt

The   Origin Kilts    

The Silver Fern Tartan   Premiered at Murrayfield Edinburgh Scotland v New Zealand Rugby 2018


Featured in “Landscape” Magazine Jan/Feb 2016  

The proud tradition of the Scottish kilt

Identified the world over as a quintessential symbol of Scottish tradition, the kilt is a unique and very special garment that is robust, sentimental, and amazingly attractive.

As with any traditional craft in the 21st century, tailoring and the intricate and highly specialised process of making a kilt is often diluted for the sake of manufacture and profit. Only a dedicated artisan, working out of passion and with respect for the traditional tailoring techniques of kilt making, will still honour the craft and build the quality kilts which last a lifetime at least; generations even.

Read and understand  the Art of Tailoring and the difference between the tailored, sewn and manufactured garment, and what to look for in a good looking kilt.

Bespoke kilts

I have worked for years as a dressmaker then a tailor as well as having another career path before learning the art of kilt-making passed down from one of the last master kilt makers of the Gordon Highlanders. Every kilt I make is more than a garment to me – it is a work of art, to last and be enjoyed – and I craft each with the same care and attention that they will receive from their future wearers.


If you are interested in finding out more about commissioning a bespoke kilt for the young child to the adult, that is tailor-made to your precise requirements, or have a kilt that you would like restored, just contact me on to arrange an initial conversation. Also handcrafted Pipers’ plaids, fly plaids and ladies’ sashes and shawls.

Restorations, alterations, mending, and cleaning of the kilt.
My understanding of the kilt’s construction and my tailoring skills enable me to refit, restore or reconstruct your elderly or slightly damaged kilt to as near its former glory as is practicably possible, allowing you to enjoy the company of your beloved kilt for many years to come.

The Kilt College

We are a training centre and offer demonstrations for interested groups, workshops for the new kilt maker, and learning sets for peer support and networking.  The Kilt College started in 2012 as The Kilt School of Scotland.  However, we are keen that our name represents our ethos of a learning environment offering vocational training, and in 2014 we became  The Kilt College.



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